Hear it from the source.
This is what the people who have gone through Immerse have to say about the experience.

“I’ve learned more in the last months than the last several years in my personal walk. I’m hearing God’s voice on a daily basis now, not every two months or so.” – Tim

“The highlight of my time here has not been all the cool things that I got to see happen, but to have intimacy with Him. It is SO invaluable to hear His voice.” – Melissa

“I feel completely overwhelmed every week by everything that I’m learning. I’ve learned more in 12 weeks than ever before. When I came here I was completely broken. I had no idea I had any authority (in Jesus’ name) to do anything! I asked Him for confirmation that I actually have authority. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I knew that good things happen here.  I was totally skeptical that anything would happen when I prayed over myself because, “I’m not qualified.” I told God, “I don’t care how you talk to me, whether big or small, I just want to hear You and know it’s You.” It’s good to be in an environment where this is normal.” – Katie
(PS One night at Immerse she prayed over herself and woke up the next morning completely healed of some chronic pain).

“So much is different from when we started in January. I used to struggle with anxiety and depression really bad… Right now I am learning to see people how God sees them. After learning about the forgiveness process, things got stirred up from my past and I ended up dealing with THE biggest thing from my past.” – Rhianna
(She walked through this with her spiritual mentor from Immerse).

“Immerse is a place of deep community that has a greenhouse effect on you. It is a safe place to grow and to put into practice what we are learning. I thought I understood a lot intellectually, but when it came to living that out I was fairly clueless. Here, I can learn how to live my beliefs and grow in them as well. One of the biggest things I’ve walked away with is hearing God’s voice. We practice this every week and it is always amazing the things God wants to share with us. If you let it, this can be a launching point for deeper growth and encounter with God that you will continue to grow in for the rest of your life.” – Kathleen Christopher

“We are the seed of Abraham (Acts 3:25), but many of us have a hard time thinking of ourselves as anything more than children of our earthly parents. Immerse has helped me dream bigger.” – Jacob Van Norman

“Since participating in weekly Immerse meetings, my spiritual life has skyrocketed! Having a community to join together with for prayer, encouragement, healing and forgiveness has been life-changing…” – Stephanie Morgan

“I was looking for a focused, purposeful and intentional spiritually-based subgroup. I found that in Immerse.” – Kathleen Christopher