At Immerse, we pursue spiritual maturity within community.

Weekly meetings create a safe and judgement-free space to be broken or strong, full of faith or doubt, questioning everything or teaching something new. It is a church-like environment where we pray with and for each other, challenge everything we’ve ever believed and encounter the life-changing power of a living and active God.

Here we teach you how to hear God’s voice and give you the opportunity to practice listening. We foster a culture that tests everything: gifts, prophetic words, and personal concepts of God. It’s completely acceptable to struggle. This is a space where you will meet with God and His children and move toward maturity.

Here we teach you how to find a mentor and how to be a mentee. We challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and find that spiritual mentor who will walk with you toward your goals and dreams.

Here we will practice what it means to be a family; brothers and sisters in Christ who have access to an amazingly accepting and lavishing Father.

Here we discover a culture of honor and live out the immerse core values of Spiritual Depth, Supernatural Lifestyle, Family, Identity, Honor, Generosity and Love.