Immerse is dedicated to helping its members (and beyond) deal with past emotional and spiritual wounds in order to enable them to enter into the full life that is their’s in Christ Jesus.

Immerse has adopted Prayer Resolution as a branch of the larger Immerse ministry. We employ, train and support Prayer Resolution Safe Others in this lay and pastoral ministry. The goal of this ministry is full resolution from a believer’s past so that they are emotionally and spiritually free to move into amazing things that God has for them. Prayer Resolution sets a wonderful foundation for the on-going discipleship process.

Prayer Resolution 50-hour Seminar
The Prayer Resolution Seminar will train you in an advanced ministry tool that has been used for over 20 years, brining emotional and spiritual healing to pastors, missionaries and everyday-Christians alike. Each week you’ll receive a teaching on and discuss a particular topic that forms the foundation of a person’s experience and relationships. It includes practical instruction on how you, as a lay-minister, can guide someone in praying through forgiveness issues, sexual sin, family issues, unhealthy patterns, occult involvement, rebellion, words of power, lies and more. God’s response to these specific and informed prayers consistently results in resolution from past wounds and establishes people on a solid spiritual and emotional foundation.

This intimate class, which takes place in the home of Nathan Banker, is for anyone who is interested in eventually doing Prayer Resolution as a ministry (going through session for yourself is also required), learning the principles behind Prayer Resolution or those who simply want to increase their understanding of the deep things of God.

Prayer Resolution isn’t just prayer, but an informed and guided process toward healing, forgiveness, and God’s response in order to resolve things in a person’s life. In the class you’ll learn about the process, how to identify these issues in yourself and others and establish a better understanding of the foundational issues any given person wrestles with. If you are a minister, this class would be an investment that will significantly increase your effectiveness or the rest of your ministry and life. Even if you are not a minister, this investment will leave you with a better understand of God’s character and how He works in our lives.

Prayer Resolution is a ministry tool founded by Cross Resources Inc, established by Richard and Connie Smith.