Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Immerse have a program fee?

The Mature track has a program fee of $100.
Funds go to books, snacks and guest speaker costs.

The Healthy track has a recommended donation of $20/hr per Safe Other who works with you. Funds go to employed Safe Others and/or scholarship funds for those who cannot financially donate.

The Effective track has a program fee of $75.
Funds go to books, snacks and guest speaker costs.

Can I join the program in the middle of a cohort?

Generally, no. Everyone is welcome to apply to join at the beginning of any Immerse cohort, but once started we focus our energy and focus on those who are already under our care. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.

How do I know if I’m ready for this?

We accept many people from different stages in their spiritual walk. If you are new to the faith and thinking about joining, we recommend going through Alpha before joining immerse.

Ask God a very direct question, “Should I join Immerse right now?” and spend some time listening to any spontaneous thoughts that may come to mind. Talk with a trusted friend or pastor about what you think God’s response might be.

Does it cost anything to go through Prayer Resolution?

Prayer Resolution is the tool that we use in the “Healthy” track of Immerse. We have many people who are trained and ready to work with hurting ones, some of which do this ministry as their job and need to get paid so that they can live. The recommended donation for doing sessions of Prayer Resolution is $20/hr per Safe Other.

If you are unable to donate to the level that you would like, please contact Nate at nate@immersediscipleship.com to inquire about scholarship funds.

Does Immerse receive tithes and offerings?

Yes. All donations given to Immerse are tax-deductable. If you have found this ministry to be a source of spiritual food, counsel or healing we welcome you to consider donating to Immerse so that we can continue to serve others in the same way.

What do donation funds support?

Immerse is interested in supporting ministers and missionaries who are producing fruit for the Kingdom of God and providing the structure for people to encounter the Kingdom of God in a life-changing way. Donations may go toward: Prayer Resolution Safe Others, Missionaries, Organizational costs (insurance, website fees, etc.), Benevolence or Program costs.