Immerse is a 501(c) non-profit

Board of Directors:

President of the Board:
Melissa Lundquist

Executive Director:
Nathan Banker

Kathleen Christopher

Mission Statement:
Serving the global Body of Christ so that it can be as mature, healthy and effective as possible.

Immerse has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. Any portion of your donation which exceeds the fair marked value of $50 per Prayer Resolution session hour may be considered a tax-deductible gift. Program fees are not tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for any specific questions about your tax deductions.

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Immerse is a Subgroup under Substance Church, but operates independently under the leadership of the Immerse Board of Directors. Immerse has chosen to serve Substance members and follow Substance’s pastoral leadership.
We believe that operating as an independent organization while still under Substance’s covering is in alignment with Substance’s model and heart.

What we do:

Weekly meetings: Immerse’s primary method for fulfilling our desire of “Maturity” is through weekly in-home gatherings, providing a safe place of vulnerability and growth. It is a place to encounter God and to be challenged personally, intellectually, theologically, spiritually and within relationships.

In addition to weekly meetings, Immerse has historically stressed the importance of entering into a mentorship relationship with someone who is a few steps ahead of you in your spiritual journey. We believe that this one-on-one time is critical for true discipleship as it helps take Biblical concepts and apply them into the believer’s life. Immerse trains people how to find mentors, how to be a good mentee and helps facilitate the establishment of those relationship.

Resolution: Immerse has a strong history of using the tools of Prayer Resolution to help believers resolve past wounds, lies and pattens that continue to have a negative effect on their lives. Prayer Resolution is the primary tool that we use to accomplish the goal of helping believer become “Healthy.” Immerse has adopted Prayer Resolution as a ministry branch and is actively moving toward expanding than ministry and supporting those who are engaged in that ministry. It is Immerse’s intention and desire to have all Immerse “sponsored” mentors trained in the Prayer Resolution Forgiveness Process.

Other inner-healing tools are also utilized when appropriate.

Training: Immerse is devoted to training our own leaders internally, as well as serving the large body of Christ. Our desire is that everyone whom God sends to us will be more “Effective” spiritual leaders when they are done. We want to invest into current and up-and-coming spiritual leaders who have a heart to lead spiritually based small groups or be an occupational or lay minister. Weekly meetings and weekend retreats are the primary venues that we utilize toward this en.

Teaching: Immerse has many talented teachers who are willing to come teach or lead discussions at your small group (home group, cell group, Subgroup etc.).
Topics include, but are not limited to: Forgiveness, Identity, Mentoring, Sin, Hearing God’s Voice, God as Father and Sexuality.

Missionaries: Immerse is willing to consider supporting local and international missionaries who align with the direction and call that God has given to Immerse. Immerse has hired and supported Prayer Resolution ministers locally and intends to continue to support that ministry locally and internationally.

Small Group Consulting: We would love to use the experience that we have gained within Immerse to help you succeed in the small group that God is calling you to start, develop or solidify.